Send OTP

Phone Verification API or OTP API Is Useful For Sending One Time Passwords (OTPs) To End User For Verifying their Phone Number! Part of Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
One Time Passwords are the main key to run any business. We guarantee the OTP delivery within 10 seconds.

Pin Generation

We offer free API which generates OTP from the back-end. You need not have to worry about generation, sending and verifying the OTP, it’s automatic. Each code is unique or can be used only once.

Global Coverage

Fusion SMS has global coverage and covers 800 networks in 190 countries. SMS gets delivered with high priority routes and great speed.

Robust Infrastructure

FUSION SMS is robust. The architecture of the server is designed to scale tens of millions SMSs in a go. Our strong and advanced server is able to send millions of SMS at a go. We give value to each and every SMS.

Voice Message back up

Our algorithms are designed to ensure sure-shot delivery. If one operator fails SMS, we retry it with another by a voice SMS. Retry has been implemented for better delivery ratio of SMS.


The services and support provided are highly professional. We are very pleased to have  Fusion sms as our SMS partner!

Tanmay Agarwal


You guys have been instrumental in getting our customer connect via SMS trustworthy. Appreciate your technical support services as well. Quite responsive!

Lovenesh Agrawal

Project Manager

A great self service SMS platform that works. We integrated in our products in less than an hour. Great support too!

Ankit Gupta

Web Developer