Bulk SMS For Real Estate

Use Fusion to go beyond a simple SMS alert on a new property. Attract customers with photographs, layouts and location maps of the property. Send reminders to existing clients on payment alerts to construction updates. Reach your customer base or anyone and help them with the best property rates.

Transliteration Tool

Send regional SMS using our UNICODE option. Alternatively, craft and send message in any language to customers in any part of the country. Track your campaign effectiveness using our click-through data.

Show and sell

Send images of the property with its location and even its layout via SMS to your customers. Fusion allows you to insert attachments and web URLs, so you can even send them a purchase or lease agreement.

Be alert to customer needs

Online portals can send an alert to buyers and sellers when a property matches their needs. This can be for an inquiry or even a transaction.

Be responsive

Be attentive to your prospects and customers by instantly sending information they seek via an SMS. Send a message with pricing information, construction photos, site plan or other information via SMS and make the experience seamless and instant.

Manage events seamlessly

Cut down on the effort you put into managing an event. Use Fusion SMS for an end-to-end solution whether it is promoting events, managing RSVPs, issuing passes or gathering feedback.

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