White Labelled Reseller Panel

You can become a message gateway provider. With Fusion’s White Labelled Reseller Program create your own brand identity and serve your customer a fully supported solution by creating your own website with logo and colors.
Set your own pricing and get your company a source of extra income. You will have a set of a whole sign up sign in process and easy reports and an admin account for you.

There are some features

Zero Setup Cost

Open Template

Open Sender ID

Life Time Validity


Transparency Control

Retry Algorithm:

Our algorithms are designed to ensure sure-shot delivery. If one operator fails SMS, we retry it from another. Retry has been implemented for a better delivery ratio of SMS.

Competitive Pricing:

Are you already a Bulk SMS Reseller? We can improve any of those pricing slabs for you! 
We offer the most enriched, reliable and fast services. Interested? Please contact us at sales@fusion.com.